Commander4j - Videos

The list of videos should be growing daily - please check back regularly

Database Schema (Create)

Create a database. This video shows how to create the Commander4j database objects. It assumes you have already installed a database product like mySQL, Microsoft SQL or Oracle and create a database account for the application to use. Check the wiki for more information about this.

Database Schema (Update)

This video shows how to update an existing Commander4j database.

User Creation

This video shows how to create a new user account.

Material (Add)

Add a new Material. This video covers the basic material properties. You need to also view the following video about units of measure conversions and EAN/GTIN codes as well.

Material Units of Measure

Define which Units of Measure are used for a Material and how to convert between them.

Process Order (Add)

Create a Process Order. This video shows how to create a new Process Order..

Production Declaration (Label Printing)

Print Barcode Labels and optionally send Production Declaration messages to external ERP systems.

Despatch from Desktop

Create a Despatch and print documentation.